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Over the years, I’ve noticed that many men have turned to medication as their only recourse in treating erectile dysfunction. However, there are many pitfalls associated with using products like Viagra, ExtenZe and Cialis, including high toxicity, numbing and an eventual lack of response from the drugs.

But there are safe herbal ‘Viagra’ options out there for men to combat problems with achieving solid, lasting erections that can also naturally address any possible testosterone problems as well. Through this site, you will find a number of discussions about herbal supplements and treatment options as well as information that covers a number of the toxic medications out there.

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    Easily Delay Ejaculation The All-Natural Way!

    Dealing with ejaculation problems is never fun, but the sooner you address the matter, the sooner you can get it resolved. As with any massive problem, there are massive solutions. It’s just a matter of finding out which ones work best for you. Of course doctors and big Pharma have their answers, but most men find they can solve the issue the all-natural way, without the risks of harmful side effects that always goes with drugs. Premature ejaculation is only a problem if one or both of the partners are dissatisfied with their sexual relationship because of it. Though most men would rather be able to control it until their partner has reached a climax, studies have shown that women aren’t too concerned about it, especially in relation to the overall bigger picture. Studies conducted prior to 1999 reveal that about 33% (one in three), of the men in the United States had ejaculation problems. However, in a survey conducted in 2008, called ‘Sex in America’, University of Chicago researchers found the prevalence of the problem to be more around 20 to 30 percent. While it appears to be getting a little better, it is still obviously a very common sex problem. Although the survey doesn’t mention any reason why it may be getting better, it’s probably due to the availability of information on the Internet, which men have access to through their laptops, smart phones, and iPads. While most men are able to self-treat, particularly in light of the availability of so many answers that don’t require prescriptions, for some men their solution of choice is a prescribed drug. Drugs such as paroxetine and clomipramine have been used successfully to treat PE. They boost serotonin signaling in the brain, which has the effect of slowing ejaculation. It usually takes about a week for the drugs to take effect, but when they do work they typically help delay ejaculation by 6 to 20 times greater than before taking the medication. Albeit most men seem to tolerate the drugs, some of the side effects are various kinds of sexual dysfunction; such as diminished libido, erectile problems, and anorgasmia (the inability to achieve an orgasm). Some of the side effects can last for six months, even years, and some never go away, which can be scary. The Right Herbal Pill Can Help A Man Delay—Fact or Fiction? The FDA would have us think that only prescription drugs can help with any type of physical issue. Though we sometimes have no choice, according to John Young, M. D., who has an alternate care practice in the Tampa Bay Florida area, it is always wise to utilize all-natural means of dealing with any physical issue, if there is even a remote possibility they can help. It’s usually a less expensive remedy, and there is no risk of harmful side effects. Some men have found that taking the right herbal pill is enough to give them effective results,  but most men deal with it through an herbal pill and making a practice of one of the following proven means that men of utilized for decades. One way is through masturbation. For example, if you are accustomed to having sex twice a week, then masturbate two times a week in addition to the sex, and use stopping and starting methods when masturbating to help delay ejaculation. If this doesn’t give you the results you’re after, then masturbate four times a week, on top of the two sexual encounters. This works for most men. Another widespread method that men have had success with is referred to as the stop-and-go method. Simply talk it over with your partner, and have a mutual understanding that as you are approaching an orgasm you both will bring your movement to a halt, until the feelings subside, and then re-engage. It may take a few times to get it where you want, but it works. Along with one of these two methods, take a 100% all-natural male performance pill. Two ingredients that are known to help with ejaculation delay are Tribulus and Ginseng. Besides these two ingredients, look for a pill that contains L Arginine, an amino acid which will make you rock hard, and Tongkat Ali, which boosts testosterone levels and increases libido. An excellent example of a pill that many men have rated number one is called Viconan. It not only contains the aforementioned ingredients, it contains other clinically proven ingredients as well, and they are all pharmaceutical grade. Viconan was researched and developed by a Doctor who utilized the latest technology in determining the exact quantities to include in their maximum strength formulation. The post Easily Delay Ejaculation The All-Natural Way! appeared first on Male Enhancement.

    Premature Ejaculation Pills—Drugs or Herbal Supplements?

    For every problem there is generally more than one viable solution, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are many varieties of premature ejaculation pills. Although some matters have to be dealt with by drugs, many do not. Any time you can deal with a physical or psychological issue without having to take prescription drugs, you’re always better off. With most drugs comes the potential for harmful side effects, but with herbal supplements there are none. Though premature ejaculation is more common among men under age 40, it seems to affect about one out of three of all men who are sexually active, at least to some degree. Once a man experiences PE, if he could only forget that it ever happened, there’s a good chance it would just be an occasional occurrence. However, when it subsequently happens again, it most always is a problem that self-perpetuates, soon becoming difficult to overcome. Men are often prone to keep this problem to themselves, which is really not a good idea. If they would talk it over with their sexual partner, together they can usually find a solution that works in the interest of both parties. Nevertheless, when they fail to take it up with their partner, the only other person they’re likely to talk to about it is their doctor, and most traditional doctors offer a pharmaceutical solution. The drugs typically prescribed for premature ejaculation medication are called SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). For long-term effects, doctors typically suggest paroxetine or clomipramine. An alternative to those is dapoxetine, which is another SSRI, but is one that is taken on an as needed basis, usually a couple of hours before intercourse. The only other drug that has been proven to be effective is an analgesic pill called tramadol. Before rushing off to see your Doctor for a prescription, there are two considerations to keep in mind; 1) this is not a prescription that your health insurance is going to pay for, and 2) these drugs do not come without some potentially very frightening harmful side effects. They have been known to cause diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, and even the inability to achieve an orgasm. And if those side effects aren’t bad enough, some of these last for months, even years, and some never go away, though you may discontinue taking the SSRIs.You Can Get Effective Results with an Herbal Supplement—True or Hype? Just as no prescribed drug works for every person who takes them, neither do herbal supplements. Nevertheless, if you will take those which have been known to serve the same purpose for other men, you will most likely find that they will help you as well. Utilizing today’s scientific methods for clinically researching and testing herbal ingredients, much the same way as drugs are researched and tested, new herbal remedies are continually being discovered. For dealing with PE, the best herbal capsule to date should contain tribulus and ginseng. They are 100% all-natural herbs that when ingested affect a man’s ability to have better control over an orgasm, enabling him to last longer. In addition, the best herbal pills for lasting longer in bed will provide other key benefits as well; such as a firmer and larger erection, an increased libido, and a boost in testosterone. When you also consider the fact that herbal supplements carry absolutely no harmful side effects whatsoever, common sense would seem to dictate that you should at least give them a try. An herbal supplement that men who have been using it have rated #1, is Viconan. It contains all the right ingredients, but not only that; they are pharmaceutical grade, of the highest potency, and precisely combined in a maximum strength formulation. Viconan consists of a proprietary formula that has been researched and developed by a Doctor. One of the key ingredients is an herb called Tongkat Ali, which is known to increase testosterone levels by as much as 93%. With Viconan’s 60-day 100% total satisfaction guarantee, you cannot go wrong by trying them before taking a prescribed premature ejaculation medication with harmful side effects. Most men find that the extra benefits derived from taking Viconan have such an impact on their sex life, i.e. having a firmer and larger erection, and an increased libido; that they continue taking it regardless of whether it helps them overcome PE or not. Some men have found that taking Viconan in conjunction with using the stop-and-go method of controlling ejaculation, can be very successful. You and your partner simply stop in the middle of having sex, just long enough for your orgasmic feelings to subside, then pick back up where you left off. You usually don’t have to pull out, and some men find that putting a kind of choke hold just behind the head of the penis helps also. With a little practice this works quite well, particularly when combined with Viconan. The post Premature Ejaculation Pills—Drugs or Herbal Supplements? appeared first on Male Enhancement.

    Can You Cure Premature Ejaculation With Herbs?

    With one in three men suffering this common problem it’s no wonder that stopping premature ejaculation gets a lot of attention. And of course any time you have such a massive problem there are always hundreds of companies who claim to have solutions. But before jumping into purported solutions, it’s wise to ponder what the real cause may be, and make a visit to your doctor if you don’t feel like you’re able to come up with the cause on your own.   With the average man lasting approximately 4 to 8 minutes, and a man dealing with premature ejaculation typically lasting 1 to 2 minutes at the most, you can see why men dealing with this are concerned. It can cause emotional distress, leading to a negative impact on relationships, and can become so embarrassing that men will sometimes evade pursuing sexual relationships. Though it does cause stress for some women too, most don’t consider PE to be that big of a deal. Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey viewed premature ejaculation as a sign of “masculine vigor”. As it is with any problem, the starting point for getting it resolved must be to find out what caused it in the first place. Some of the more well-known biological causes are as follows: genetic abnormalities prostate infection abnormal neurotransmitters problems with the thyroid gland imbalance of hormones problem with ejaculatory system reflex Even though these biological reasons certainly do exist, it appears that the vast majority of men are able to treat themselves once they learn a few options that seem to fit them best. This is an area where open communication between a man and his partner is vitally important. Rather than acting like the problem doesn’t exist, it needs to be discussed in a way that both parties can seek the right solutions together. Just tell your partner that she excites you so much that you cannot help yourself. Though you may say it lightly, that should also be true.Simple Methods Combined With Herbs Work—Yes or Kind of? Two ways that seem to fit most men are; (1 learn from your partner what turns her on the most before you penetrate, and with that knowledge bring her to the brink of climaxing, then when you do engage, you will both have an orgasm at about the same time, and (2 a well-known method that has been proven effective, initially developed by sex therapists Masters and Johnson, is commonly known as the stop-and-start method. Again, with your partner understanding what’s going on, you reach the point where you feel you are approaching climax, which may be less than a couple of minutes, both of you stop moving and wait until your feelings of climaxing subside, then continue. With a little practice, this can work extremely well. Another proven way of stopping premature ejaculation is an herbal pill. Though it doesn’t appear that anyone has clearly stated how or why certain herbal ingredients work, herbal pills that men have had success with contain Ginseng and Tribulus Terrestris. The two primary forms of ginseng are red and white in color, and are sometimes referred to as “yang” and “yin”. Yang is a term referring to the male energy that red ginseng seems to create, whereas Yin refers to the female energy that white ginseng provides. Both are known to have a positive impact on health in general, and have been used for centuries to help increase virility, deal with erectile dysfunction symptoms, and aid in curing impotence. The tribulus terrestris plant is from Ayurveda, and has been used primarily for male virility, as well as vitality, and is known to enhance libido, yet assist in delaying ejaculation. You should have no problem finding a top quality male performance herbal pill that contains both of these ingredients, along with other proven ingredients. Just make sure that the ingredients are pharmaceutical grade, rich in potency, and are clinically formulated by a doctor or scientist. Many men have had success using a product called Viconan. In fact, men have rated it #1 for not only helping with ejaculation control, but also in other key ways such as; increasing the size of the penis by elevating blood flow to the penal area, providing a much more firm erection, enhancing libido significantly, and delivering a more passionate orgasm. With Viconan’s maximum strength formulation, and their 100% total satisfaction guarantee, you cannot go wrong giving it a try. The post Can You Cure Premature Ejaculation With Herbs? appeared first on Male Enhancement.